Monday, October 8, 2012

Awareness Manicures and Mental Health Awareness Month

Dearest Tadpoles,
   I have decided that for the month of October that I am going to do some special manicures. I really don't like Halloween so much. I know I am weird. 
    I located all the special days and awareness by using the famous Wikipedia page. ). I printed off a calendar and labeled the days that I wanted to complete the manicures. I decided that since there are a lot of manicures to complete that I would do one on each hand. So my left might be better than my right, since I am right hand dominant. LOL
   Mental Illness Awareness Month, is something that is near and dear to my heart. I will not gone into the boring details of my injury again. I developed some craziness going from a totally active person to a totally non-active person. I can't lift anything heavy, mow grass (which I loved doing), dressing myself sometimes to dealing with people in situations because I am scared that I might get hit in arm. So that is some of my issues.
   I am also showing my support for all individuals that are battling with Mental Health Issues. 


  I choose randomness because I feel that I can't think and get just one thought to complete in my head. I love the blue nail polish to show my support and the blue is because my mental health issues make me blue. The essie polish stamped so well. 
 I hope that you stop and support anyone that has any form of Mental Health Issues or Illness. I have started to post all my pics in a collage format. Tell me what you think about them. Should I stop and show individual pictures of my manicures?


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