Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting to know Beaching Nails

Hello Tadpoles,
   I am so excited that Beaching Nails has taken time to answer my questions for this post. I gotten the know Beaching Nails through several facebook pages over a year ago. I commented on her beautiful manicures. And that is all that it took for our special friendship to begin. Beaching has several facebook pages: Beaching Nails and My Beach Nails. And since we, her fans can't get enough of her beautiful manicures, she has a Blog as well, Beaching Nails.
 Are you ready to get to know Beaching Nails? Keep reading.
1. How long have you been doing your nails?
I would say 3yrs now intensively.
2. Where do you find inspiration for your beautiful nail designs?
   Most of my creations come from my imagination and normal everyday things. 
3. How many times a day do you paint your nails?
   Some days I’ll do my nails I have many ideas I want to create so I try my best to achieve       them all.
4. If you could learn something new about doing nails, what would you want to learn?
   To actually be able to draw killer designs free-hand style.

5. Are you certified as a Nail technician?
6. Are your nails natural?
7. Do you use anything special to help your nails to grow?
8. How do you feel when you get beautiful comments on your facebook and blog about your nails?
   It feels amazing. I  it!. But what woman wouldn’
9. How many hours do you spend on your nails daily?
   It depends on how many times I paint and art them. 1 Mani from naked nails to photographed nails  less than 30 minutes. And that’s with me taking 20+
10. What advice can you give to a newbie in the nail world?
Have fun with. Think outside the box. If you have any troubles do not be ashamed to ask, we “All” have been there before.
Here are several of Beaching Nails beautiful manicures.

   I am glad that we are nails friends. Whenever I have any type of nail questions, I ask her. She has several very helpful videos on YouTube. I love you bunches my friend. Go and check her out, Beaching Nails

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Candy Swap with Charlotte Brookes

Hello Tadpoles,
   I am sorry that I haven't been posting a lot. I am now catching up with my swaps with  other nail addicts. 
   Today's post is a candy swap instead of a polish swap with another lady. I decided to participate in a candy swap with a sister in my facebook group, Polish Swapping Sisters.
  I was paired up with a nice lady by the name of Charlotte Brookes. Charlotte is from Leominster, Herefordshire, United Kindgom. Check out where Charlotte lives.
I was excited when I received my package from Charlotte. I hope that you enjoy the pictures of my gifts.

I like the facebook group, Polish Swapping Sisters. I really enjoy receiving polish and other items through mail. I am like a little kid waiting to get stuff in the mail.
I will keep everyone in the loop of all my other polish swapping sister swaps.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Aly's Dream Polish

Hello Tadpoles,

  I am so excited to be able to share with everyone some AWESOME Holographic polishes. I met Ashley through a friend on a Facebook group that we are members of. Ashley choice me to test two for her hand mixed Holographic Polishes.
  Once Ashley let me know that she was sending me her polishes, I felt like a kid waiting for mail. I received my beautiful polish in a pretty pink package. I received two beautiful polishes, Pearl Blue 11 and Dark Midnite Blue 48.

I took pictures of the bottles in my lightbox. I could see rainbows in each bottle of polish. I decided to take close up pictures of each of the bottles so that you could see the colors with the rainbows.

I love the way that each polish looks. I am a true fan of the color blue. I am a BIG fan of Aly's blues. Each polish has a rainbow within each bottle. What do you think? 


 Can you see the Rainbow?

Can you see the Rainbow?

I took several pictures outside. 

I LOVE THESE POLISHES. Aly created two beautiful polishes. I am totally a fan these polishes. I completed two manicures with Pearl Blue 11 and Dark Midnite Blue 48. 

I only had to use one coat of the polishes. The polish coated my nails nicely. I decided not you able two coats. There was not smell to the polish. The polish dried in a very fast time. I decided not at able a top coat. I wanted the polish to keep it's rainbow shine. I loved the polishes and decided to see how long it would keep it's beauty. It lasted for 1 week and 2 days before I had to applied a stamp over the Dark Midnite Blue 48.

I hope that you enjoyed my review of Aly's Polishes. You check Aly's Facebook page. Aly has other Holographic polishes that you can check out through her Store Envy page. I am going to be ordering some more HOLOGRAPHIC polishes. I LOVE THESE POLISHES. I hope that you will LOVE them like I did.
Thank You for letting me sampling your polishes.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Where I go, My Polish goes!!!

Hello Tadpoles,
   I wanted to complete a manicure on Friday, but my Husband needed to go to get a background check completed for work. We had to travel 35 miles to get to the Department of Motor Vehicles. I thought why not complete a manicure as well. I wanted you see that I completed the manicure in my car as my Husband drove. I want to tell you before you continue to read that the pictures are not edited and not of the best quality. I did not change the date on the camera as well.
  Daniel had purchased three L.A. Color Magnetic polishes the day before. He said, "They were on sell at $2 a piece. I saved $8. And I am enabler." grinning. He purchased GNL278- Magnetic Force (charcoal), GNL273-Attract (purple), and GNL271- Polar Opposite (silver).

Magnetic Force, Attract and Polar Opposite.
I started the manicure by removing my old clear top coat. 

I used KLEANCOLOR Wizard Pads, Nail Polish Remover pads+Cuticle Oil. I only had to use one pad. I love using this pads. I keep them in my purse at all times.

After removing my previous polish, I wiped off of the excess cuticle oil with a paper napkin.

I decided that I wanted to use two different polishes. I choose Polar Opposite (silver) and Attract (purple).

The Polar Opposite is suppose to create a straight line once the magnet cap is hovered over the nail polish. The instructions state that after applying one thick coat of the polish, hover the magnet cap over the nail and the design should appear.

The Attract is suppose to create chevrons once the magnet cap is hovered over the nail polish. The instructions state that after applying one thick coat of the polish, hover the magnet cap over the nail and the design should appear.

I applied L.A. Colors Clear Top Coat to my nails. 

I applied one coat of the Polar Opposite polish and used the magnetic cap. I could only see the lines on my pointer and pinkie fingers. This is what happened to the manicure.

I applied one coat of the Attract polish and used the magnetic cap. I could only see the lines on my ring and pinkie fingers. This is what happened to the manicure.

I was not very impressed with the results of the magnetic polish. I think that the next time that I use these polishes that I will do them at home. I have used other brands magnetic polishes and I usually apply one base coat of the magnetic polish and after a second coat then I use the magnetic cap. 

Once the top coat was dry. I used my jojoba oil along with some Nivea hand lotion.

I keep all of my nail supplies in a zip lock bag in my purse. I have it with me at all times. It has a glass nail file, nail polish remover pads, lip gloss, jojoba oil (in a SH holder),L.A. Colors top coat and petroleum jelly.

I hope that everyone enjoyed my traveling manicure. So as you can see that you can complete a manicure while completing errands.

Here is the link to the L.A. Colors Magnetic Polishes.