Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flash's Spoiled Life!!!!

Hello Tadpoles,
   What a New Year?  My Husband, Daniel decided in October of last year that he was ready for a career change. It was a job that was not worth him to be on call 24/7 and not receiving recognition for his hard work. After some soul searching, Daniel decided that he would get his commercial drivers license, CDL. My brother, Tom,  is a trucker driver and provided Daniel with enough positive information which helped with his decision.
   Since, Daniel has been away from home for several weeks at a time, Flash has taken on a new job. Flash, our 1 year old wiener dog. He has become my loyal listener, sounding board and companion.

   Flash is my confidant and sleeping partner. He is such a lovely dog. He is so very spoiled as well. He is a dog with a routine. He sleeps in the bed between where Daniel and I sleep. He gets up early in the morning so that he go to use to bathroom. And since I go back to bed, Flash does the same thing. Don't call and wake us up. Believe it or not, he gets mad.
   He loves his Grandmamma and Granddaddy so much. So when he is ready to go and visit, he wines and gets dogie vocal. So I open the door and he b-lines it to their house. Another sign that he is spoiled, he is ready to leave their house at 7 p.m.  Once, outside he goes and does his business and heads to the porch of the house. I should say that it is "Flash's House", instead of mine or Daniel's house. He is ready for nite-nite time. What is that? It is 7 to 10 p.m. catch up time on his beauty sleep. I know stop laughing. But he runs this house. 
   At 10 p.m., Flash is up doing his business. Outside fast and back inside so the he can have humpy time. It is what it sounds like what it is. He has a special "love" blanket and then he goes back to sleep. He loves to sleep with his Mommy ( right at the bend of my legs). I talk to him about how our day went. He knows when I am having a rough day. He comes up and gives me Flashy kisses. I love him so much. He was suppose to be Daniel's dog, but it doesn't seem that way.
   I am so glad I have Flash around me. He makes my bad days good. When he looks at me with that face, I just melt. So "THANK YOU" Flashy and "I LOVE YOU".
   So do you have a pet that you "LOVE" as much as I do.


"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." —Roger Caras

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sweden Polish- ISA DORA

Hello Tadpoles, 
I have completed my manicure with nail polish that my Polish Swapping friend, Anja Andersson sent me.

  This is a jelly polish with layers of small silver glitter and large octagon glitter, suspended in a navy blue base.
BEAUTIFUL is an understatement.  Here is a close up of Polar Nights.

  I applied two coats of  Polar Nights. 

  I can't tell you how much I love this polish. Did I tell you that this is a long wearing polish? I was able to wear it for a week with minimal wearing.
  I checked out the Isa Dora site here. And unfortunately, it is discontinued. So the only way for me to get another bottle, is to have Anja find me one. But I am sure that she had a tough time finding this for me. I can tell you that I will be using this only on special occasions.
   I hope that you enjoyed this awesome polish and have enjoyed my pictures. 


"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” 
― Confucius

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Polish from my Facebook group, Polish Swapping Sisters

Hello Tadpoles,
   I am so in love with one of the many facebook groups, Polish Swapping Sisters. I was paired up with a lovely lady from Hamburgsund, Sweden. That Lovely Lady is Ms. Anja Andersson. Part of the fun in this group is getting to know each over person. We had to complete a questionnaire about our likes and dislikes. You have to send your Swapping Sister a package that you put together. It has to be mailed out by the 10th of the month but no later than the 15th. There is a 2 bottle or $10.00 minimum and no maximum.   
   Once I got my swapping sister's name, I was so excited. I started chatting with Anja. There was a time difference from Sweden and South Carolina. I learned that we both had some language difference. But we worked through it fast. 
   I received my green package as Anja stated on January 16, 2013. The Green package actually was Green and she mailed it on January 10, 2013. So snail mail seemed to be fast this time.

   I was so excited when I received Anja lovely green package. I can truly tell you that it took me and my mom to open the package.This is what I found in the package.

Anja, wrapped all the items so that they made it to me safely. And they did. She included a handwritten note that explained everything that she sent.

Ok, as I was opening each candy item, Mom would say, "Oh, I know that you are going to share that candy". We started with the Bjobnar boxes, Sota, Salta, and Sura. I love the Sota (Sweet) and Sura (Sour). The Salta was a total no go. It is suppose to be a licorice but it isn't like US licorice. It is extremely salty. So I can so that it will be given away.  Anja said the the Marabou Mjolk choklad, is the best chocolate in the world. Mom and I totally agree. It is a smooth sweet chocolate. It just melted in your mouth. I thought that it was made by Kraft. I am going to try and see if I can find it in the US.

   Anja included 3 polishes and a pretty pink lip gloss. I love the Polishes. She sent me 2 Isa Dora polishes. The 750-Polar Night is an awesome dark blue with glitter. Oh, I can't wait to post that wait to post that manicure. And the other Isa Dora is 633-Violet Vain. It is a beautiful purple polish. These polishes are long lasting. The mini bottle is a Viva la Diva. It is a soft matte polish. These polishes are Sweden Polishes. 
   Anja also included a chocolate facial mask and a GlossyBox nail file. I love using the file. I can see me buying some in the future.
   So Ladies and Gents, I so enjoy all my items in the package. I would recommend that everyone should get to know other polish addict in a different part of the world. I am in another nail group that send packages to other people during their birthday month. So look keep your eyes open for more posts from my fellow nail polish addicts.
   So have a great day and keep your head up. 


"It takes only a smile to make a difference in another person's life".

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pig and Cow from Born Pretty

Hello Tadpoles,
    I completed two manicures using Born Pretty stamping plate (QA33). I decided to do a cow and pig on my fingers.

 While doing the cow manicure, I had a hard time lining the cow imagine on my nail. I think that if I continue to practice that I will master the skill of lining the cows head on my nail. 

   I loved the way that the pigs came out. Next time, I will use a different pink for the base. I love the way that the gray worked for the heads.
   So you decided to get you some plates from Born PrettyGo here to get your cow and pig...

Have a great day. Remember that things happen in your life for a reason.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Born Pretty Plate Review

Hello Tadpoles,
   Have you heard of Born Pretty? Well, I ordered from their webpage so that I could receive their free Christmas plate (Born Pretty). I decided that I would order several other plates that I fell in love with. 
   I placed my order on December 6, 2012. I decided on 4 stamping plates including the Christmas Santa Design Nail Art Stamp Template-QA19 (free), the Cute Rabbit Cat Animal Design Nail Art Stamp Template S10 ($2.99), the Cute Cow Pig Design Nail Art Stamp Template-QA33 ($2.99) and the Red Lips Design Nail Art Stamp Template-KD16 ($2.99). I paid a total of $11.97 for my plates. $3 of that was for tracking my package. My order was mailed on December 20, 2012 from Singapore using the Singapore Post Registered AirMail. It was issued a tracking number. I received my 4 stamping plates on January 7th. 
   Here are the plates that I received:

   All the plates were covered in the protective blue film. I liked that the fronts of the stamping plates were protected from scratches. What I did not like was that the backs of the plates were no covered with a hard film. I did not like that the QA19, KD19, and QA33 plates had sharp corners on them. I was worried about cutting myself on the corners of the plates.
   I sampled 3 plates with Wet-n-Wild- C229C-Ebony Hates Chris (Black) and 1 with Revlon-Top Speed-210-Jelly (Pink) for the lips. The imagines came out clearly.
I used two stampers with the samples.

   I found that on S10 that my pink stamper picked up the imagines better. The imagines were more shallow. The pink stamper was firmer than my white stamper. The other imagines on the plates are etched farther into the plates. My white stamper was able to pick the imagines do to it being "squisher". I was very pleased with all the imagines that I received. I fell as in love with the Pigs the most. Which plate do you love?
   Go and check the Born Pretty page and order some cool stamping plates and nail are supplies. Here is your link to some great Nail stamping plates. Born Pretty
 Oh, I am looking so forward to completing a manicure with these plates.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sally's is my Best Friend!!!

Hello Tadpoles,
   I just wanted to let everyone know that my NEW best Friend is SALLY. Sally is the Sally Beauty Supply store in Laurens, SC. I also visit the Sally's in Greenwood, SC. I make it a point to stop and visit these stores. I am such a fan that I make it a point to use all the coupons and 50 % off products sales on products.   
   Well, I have made several trips within the last two weeks. Here is some pictures of the prizes that I found at Sally's.

I am such a "BIG" fan of China Glaze. I was so excited to use one of these polishes. I was giddy like a little kid. I loved the look of Cast a Spell that I went home and decided to try it out. I loved the black polish with the yellow glitter in the polish. Here is the manicure that I completed using it. 

I loved the way that the Cast a Spell came that I did not want to use a stamping polish that would over power the polish. I decided to use a gold polish, Style Essentials. I love the way that it turned out.

So what do you think? I am so happy with the way that these manicure turned out.  
So Ladies and Gentlemen, make sure that go a check out your local Sally Beauty Salon. You will get some great deals. Keep reading my blog because I will be let you see the deals that my BEST FRIEND is showing me her "LOVE".


"Rest and relaxation aren't "extras"-- they're "musts!".

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hello Tadpoles,
   I am going to try my best to do make a post everyday. I am going to start 2013 with a cool manicure.
Left Thumb

Left hand

Right Hand

Right hand with thumb
   I bought the China Glaze's used in this manicure at Sally's while they were having a 50% discount. The base polish is China Glaze-634-Frostbite. The red is China Glaze-1110-Cranberry Splash. The glitter in my middle fingers is China Glaze-1120-Pizzazz. I used China Glaze-1118-Glistening Snow, as the tops of the champagne flutes on the pinkie of my left hand. I used Sally Hansen White as the froth of the beer mug on my right hand.
   I decided that I wanted to hand paint the "Happy New Year 2013" on my left hand. I have been trying to master this skill. I used China Glaze-1110-Cranberry Splash and my homemade small paintbrush to paint it.
   I am glad that this came out as well as it did. My Mom was excited and liked the mug and flutes. She is a hard cookie to impress. I used several stamping plates with this manicure: Cheeky 52 and 54, Gals GA 9, and MJ VIII.
   I hope that you enjoyed this manicure. I look forward to 2013. I wish everyone, " A GREAT YEAR".


"Know that you are an inspiration to someone else."