Thursday, July 19, 2012


Dearest Tadpoles,
   As a plus size woman, I have always had a hard time finding a bra that was comfortable. When I was younger, my mother took me to the store to get a training bra. My dad made a comment, "What you going to train those things to do?" That was the beginning of a nightmare for me. I heard comments like, "What kind of Over-Shoulder-Boulder Holder do you wear?". At 14 years old, I can wearing a C-cup already.
   I tried under-wire bras because they were so pretty. I wanted to be wearing a beautiful bra so that I could feel sexy. Well, that did not last to long. Those dang wires cut into my skin. So in the trash they went. So what was next. You got it Mom, took me to the "Old Lady bra section."
   I had to wear one of those unflattering old looking fasten in the front  bra. I did not like the way that it looked, I did not feel sexy. But I had to wear something to keep the "girls" in check. I was one of several girls that were big breasted in school. I continued to wear those ugly things until I found a wonder bra for a young girl, The sport bra.
   The sport bra was an answer for me. I could wear them with everything. They keep the girls nice and tight so that boys could not see how big they were. I hated hearing comments like, "Did you see how big her boobs are?" That is was magical about the universal sports bra. But the "UN-A-Boob" as not flattering.
   Well, ladies. I have found the "NEW MAGICAL" bra for plus size big breasted ladies!!!!! Ladies , let me introduce you to the, Cacique- No Wire Satin-Comfort Solution. I purchased 2 in Arkansas and fell in love. So when I come home to South Carolina so off to Lane Bryant I went and purchased 4 more. 

(top to bottom-tan, white,black and pink)
These bras are 48 DDD's. I wear a 52 DDD's so I had to purchase a 5 hook extender for my bras. 

From this point and below, I have included pictures of me wearing my bra.

 Front view

Side View

  You will notice that the front view my breast are nice and perky. Which hasn't happened in years!!! Did you notice the cleavage. Well, my husband did. If your man is a breast/cleavage man, he will  "Love" this
bra. Since there is no underwire in the bra, I did not have to worry about this dang wires poking me in. The padding in the bra is good and it covers the nipples so that they are not visible.
   In the side view, you can see that there is an extra piece on material on the side of the seam. That seam is the beginning of a mesh like material that assists with allowing the bra to breathe. I sweat alot and since wearing these bras, I have noticed a difference. The side mesh also assists with what I call the keeping the "Side Boob" in. 
   I have been so eager about sharing these review with you. I hope that this helps you out. If you have any questions about these bras. Please feel free to contact me.

  Quote of the Day:

“A thoroughly beautiful woman and a thoroughly homely woman are creations which I love to gaze upon, and which I cannot tire of gazing upon, for each is perfect in her own line” - Mark Twain

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Precious Stone and Buttercup Manicure

   I completed two more challenges for the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge 

Base-Sinful Colors-832-This is it
Stamp Polish-Wet n Wild Fast Dry-C229c- Ebony hates Chris
Stamp Plate-BM09

Base-Sinful Colors-108-Timbleberry
Stamp Polish-Sally Hansen Insta-Dry-10-Lightening
Stamp Plate- Thumbs and Left fingers-B25, BM308-flowerpots

   You will notice on the thumbs of the buttercup manicure that there is something different. I am slowly trying to learn how to use my acrylic paints. I used my homemade dotting tool to make the flower and used the small paint brush to make the steams. I am better proud. I think that I order for me to become better at nail art, I have to learn as much as I can.
   Thank you Tadpoles for visiting my blog. Feel free to leave comments. I have a question for you. Do you feel that as a nail artist that is all that you should blog about?

Quote of the day:
Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
Harriet Tubman

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Several Manicures

  I have been slacking on post my manicures. I have decided to just go ahead and post my pictures. I have been participating in Adventures in Stamping ( and The Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge (
Base- Sally Hansen-Insta-Dry-380-Night Flight
Stamp Polish- Spoiled Rotten-Point the Finger Metallic Gold and Silver-Claire's
Stamping Plate- BM 25-50, numerous used.

                                                  Base- Sally Hansen Extreme Wear-150-Sun Kissed
Stamp PolishSally Hansen-Insta-Dry-120-Whirlwind White and 10-Lightening
Dots-LA Colors-NP444-Treasure Island
Stamping Plate- BM 322

                                                Base- Sinful Colors-940-Rise and Shine
Stamp PolishSally Hansen-Insta-Dry-Quick Brick
Glitter Topcoat- LA Colors-NP441-Sassy Sparkle
Stamping Plate- BM 315

      BaseSally Hansen Hard as Nails-370- No Hard Feelings
Stamp Polish- Sinful Colors- 103-Black on Black
                                     Polish Filling DotsSpoiled Rotten-Point the Finger Metallic Maroon-Claire's
Stamping Plate- BM 221

BaseSinful Colors-949-Nirvana
Stamp Polish- Sinful Colors-112-Tokyo Pearl
Stamping Plate- BM 215

What is interesting that I can look back at my first stamping and I can see my improvement. I am too ashamed to post those pics...But you know what I might just post them. So that I  can show everyone that practice makes perfect or at least some what....

Quote of the day:
Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. 
Vince Lombardi 


Friday, July 13, 2012

Change in plans...

Dear Tadpoles,
   I have been have some thoughts about what I want to blog about. I am going to continue to blog about my nail polish and stamping addiction. I am a plus-size woman and I feel that "WE" have certain clothes and other issues that I want to share with everyone. For example, I have issues finding bras that fit me. I have just found a bra that I have fallen" In Love" with from Lane Bryant. I am going to be doing a review on the bra later. 
   Over the years, I have learned several different tricks dealing with sweating. I know what you are thinking, "I know how she feels!" I want to share the tricks that I live by. Recently, I just found a new deodorant that I am using to see if it is as good that is says that it is. 
   I want to begin to share more about myself as a whole. I have always been a plus-size person. I have been through different sizes during my life. I have experienced stages of self-hatred, anger, depression and anxiety. I feel that by me sharing all of this with everyone will help other people along with me. 
   I hope that everyone will continue to be follow me and will learn from me. Don't ever feel that you can't ask or comment about anything that I post. 

Love, Chrisie

Quote of the day: 

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nail Polish LOOT

   I fell off the nail polish restriction wagon. I placed myself on nail polish restriction. What is that? I decided that I would not purchase anymore polishes until I used all of the ones that I have first. Remember, I have an addiction!!!!
   I went to my local Walmart and found some nail polish that was on clearance.
   The small polish is NYC matte finish polish. I got the 15 polishes for a total of $5.00. Well, now that I think about it, I did not fall off my lily pad. My mom bought the polish's for me. So I guess that she is aiding in my addiction. 
   Stay safe and watch out for those deals.

Update:(07/15/2012)I completed a polish swatches of these:
There are no names on the polishes so I am unable to tell you what the polish are named. When I complete my lightbox, I will take better pictures.

The Princess' Toadstools-My most embarrassing pedicure

   Well, I am sorry that I have not posted in several days. I was hitting the mushrooms...No really, I just have been doing alot around the house and dealing with medical issues. I will go into all that later.
   I am a member of the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge Group on Facebook. It is a group where there are Nail Art Challenges or Monkey See, Monkey Do Mondays (MSMD), where a person can create their favorite art from other bloggers. 
   The challenge for July 8, 2012, was the most embarrassing toes. At first I was like, are these people really ready to see my toes. I sat in my nail room figuring out how I could make this experience less dramatic as possible.
   I decided to just paint my nails a simple pink color that would not draw to much attention to my toes. I pick to use Sinful Colors-Dream On-113. So applied a simple topcoat and applied two coats of the Dream On. I did not like the simplicity of the nail polish. I choose to apply some white dots using the dot maker tool. After applying several dots and a top, I looked at my nails and was very impressed with the way that they looked. 

I know what you are thinking while looking at this picture. Her toes are weird looking. Well, You know what they are weird. I will tell you why they look weird. 
   When I was 6, the big toe on the right foot was ripped off while I was riding a big wheel down a hill without shoes..OUCH!! The left foot big toe was always getting ingrown so it was surgical removed. The second toes were damaged by smashing one with a weight and the other one got pulled out with I was getting into the tub. Weird accident with a towel. 
   You will notice that all the other nails are kept short. I don't like the way my toes feel in socks..I know I am total weird. 
   After posting my pictures of the pedicure, I was totally amazed by the support that I received from other members of the group. Emily Esqueleta Blasphemy and Dina Ramse, both stated that I was "Brave" for posting my pedicure. I don't think of myself as brave just a normal chick with toenail issues. Michelle Blaer and Claudia van Dijk, stated that they had the same small toenail issues. Ladies, "THANK YOU" for the positive words. I am glad that I was able to open the door to the weird toes ward. 
   For all the other people that are scared to "Rock" those small toes, toes that have no nails, or nails that grown upward and inward. JUST PAINT YOUR SKIN AND WEAR THEM PROUDLY. Sorry that this was long post. I just wanted to show my support.
   Keep the toadstools painted and bright. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Chevrons...Stop the heat...

OMG!! Send me some ice. I thought that I was next to the equator today. It was hot as all get out today. The humidity is what is kill us in South Carolina. It is so bad that when you walk out the house it takes your breathe away...Hopefully the temps will change lower this weekend.
   The challenge on Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge was Summer Chevron. I attempted to use the tape method but that was a total fail. Thank Goodness that I had just went to Sally's and bought a large bottle of remover. 
   My husband, Daniel, came into the room where I was working. He started looking at my stamps. He posed a good question to me, "Why do you have to do what the normal chevron is?" I went through all the stamp plate that I had and this stamp jump (lol) out at me. I picked summer colors to use on the stamp.

    I love the way that the stamp colors work well with the purple base coat. 
  July 8th challenge is Toe's....Yuck. That is going to make everyone jump when I post those pictures...
  I have a question for everyone. What do you listen to while you are doing your nails? What helps you relax?

Have a hopping great weekend...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

2 manicures made out of 1

Hello Tadpoles,
   This week,I completed a manicure for the weekly challenge in Adventures In Stamping. Since July 4th, was this week, the challenge was to complete a manicure showing our patriotic side. I completed my first manicure with the usual Red, White and Blue nail polish's. I incorporated stars and fireworks in by using stamps along with a star embellishment surrounded by dots. 

Both hands

Both thumbs were stamped with the stars. 

I decided to use a frog planter as a prop to take the picture of my thumbs. I loved the way that it turned out.
   I live on 40 acres in the country. I am a country girl at heart. I love to mow grass, grow a garden, and shot guns. I would rather wear jeans and a t-shirt instead of dressing up. So I can be classified as a "REDNECK". I decided that I was going to use the 4th of July manicure and turn it into a "Redneck 4th of July" manicure.
   I have learned how to make water decals by watching several YouTube videos. I have not developed a knack for freehand drawing items on my nails. So by using the water decals my options were unlimited. I picked several clipart pictures that reminded me of "Redneck" people doing during the 4th of July.I painted a wide strip of WnW white polish down the middle for the water decals to be applied.

Both thumb (right-redneck inside to United States)

Top hand (farmer taking pig to BBQ, star, guy diving, pink finger)Bottom hand (Big Redneck with his belly pierced, guy on motorcycle with out a shirt, peace signs, and the Red Solo cup).

   The star, flower and peace signs were stickers. I made three other designs but they did not fit on my nails. I laugh at these pictures because people that I showed the manicure knew actually what each decal was and what it represented.
   I know that the word "Redneck" means different things to different people. For me, it means just a bunch of people that live in the country with no care in the world enjoying life. My dad has always told me that is why are live in the country, "So he could walk out on his front porch and pee and not have to worry about hitting the neighbors. 
   I hope that you enjoy the manicures as much as I enjoyed creating them. Have a great day and don't lick the toads.....


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beginning New

Hello Tadpoles,
 Today, I decided to start over with my blog. I am currently reading Blogging All-In-One for Dummies by Susan Gunelius. I was behind the learning curve when I first started. After some thought, I made the decision to research and learn while starting over. I wanted to say "Thank You" to Caitlin at ( Jeanie at ( all your help. 
 I decided that this blog was not only going to be about nail polish and stamping. I have alot of other things that I am interested in such as collecting frogs, making crafts, cooking and alot more. 
 I am so eager to share them with everyone..