Saturday, November 3, 2012

Items made by a HomeBody!!!

Hello Tadpoles,
   I have not been completing manicures lately. I have been dealing with some stress in my life. I have come to realize that my Husband, or DH (dedicated Husband), has spoiled me so bad. That is a good and bad thing. Daniel has been a rock from the beginning of all of my medical issues. I have limited use of my left arm. I have developed extreme anxiety, sleeplessness, and an inability to be in a public. When I am in public, I have a hard time with not trusting people, ie. I get really scared that they are going to hit my arm again. 
   So I have become a homebody or I have to have someone with me at all times to "protect " me and my arm. Since April 2012, I have become a Nail Polish addict. No really, I just have found out that painting my nails and other things help relax me and I am happier. I love to share all my manicures and things that I make. I have become an Pinterest fan. I scroll through all the other beautiful things that other people have and share.
   Here are the latest things that I have completed and sent to members of nail polish groups.

This a bracelet that I made for a friend in a nail Polish group.

This a necklace that I made for clear baubles that I used nail polish and stamps.

These are bobby pins that I painted with different kinds of nail polish.

This is one of  my own nail polishes what I made. It is a blue glitter.

Another nail polish that I made. It is a purple glitter.

This are the samples of my first own nail polishes.

   I wanted to share what I do to help me relax. I have been diagnosed with a condition that is called " Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome", Anxiety, and Sleeplessness. So I am trying to share my life and things that I use to help me deal with life.
   If you have any questions or comments, Please just ask or comment. Have a great day.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Black Light and Glow in the Dark Polish

Hello Tadpoles,
   I am so sorry that I have not posted anything for some time. Ok, so I have been busy doing several things. I had been nervous about my Husband starting a new job, Truck Driving. I bite and damaged my nails. So I did not stamp them. But this week, I decided that I wanted to try to figure out how to take pictures of  "Glow in the Dark" nail polish.
   I had never used Glow in the Dark (GITD) so I contacted by awesome friend, Sandy over at  Beaching Nails. Sandy and I have become friends through several nail stamping groups on Facebook. Sandy is a person that does so of the most beautiful manicures that I have ever seen. She was able to help me and my husband figure out to take proper pictures.
  Here is what we finally were able to capture. Unfortunately,It took us about 10 attempts.

 We went to Walmart and purchased a GE Black Light 60. We read in an article on ehow. This article was about how to photograph objects the glow in the dark. Of course, the wise Sandy was able to provide me with this link.
  I used two top coats of China Glaze-Ghoulish Glaze-1024. I then stamped four different fingers. Then topping it with another coat of Ghoulish Glaze. I had just gotten home from Rite Aid where I bought several other GITD polishes. I applied one coat of Pumpkin Glow in the Dark Orange Polish.
   After reading and playing around, we figured out how to take the pictures. Here are the steps that we used:
  1. Set the dial to "A" (Aperture priority auto)
  2. Set the Flash Compensation to -3.0.
  3. Set the Exposure Compensation to 5.0.
  4. Place your Tripod as close as possible. Focus the picture.
  5. Leave the Black Light on till picture is taken.
  6. Move the AF box to the design on the nails to focus on.
  7. For a solid black background, turn off the light.
  8. Click the picture shoot button.
  9. Turn off the Black Light.
  10. Wait till the camera photograph light comes on so that you know that the picture was taken.
  I hope that you are able to capture your Glow-In-The Dark manicure. Patience is the number one thing that you will need.
   Have a great day.  Let me know how your pictures turn out.