Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cool stuff that I got on sale..

   If you don't already know this but I am a cheap skate. I am all about saving my money. I refuse to pay over $3.00 for nail polish. I love Walgreen's, The Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Sally's or any place that has a sale..Over the last couple of days, I have come across a lot of cool stuff.  So I hope that you get excited as I was. Have fun...
China Glaze-1123-Fast Track, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri-120-Whirlwind White and Revlon  430-Whimsical
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri-380-Night Flight,  Green and, Snappy Sprinkles.
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri-370-Uptempo Plum, Quick Brick, 22-Jumpin' Jade.
Got at Walmart
Got from The Dollar Tree
Got from The Dollar Tree
Got from The Dollar Tree
Got from The Dollar Tree
Sinful Colors from Walgreen's
Sinful Colors from Walgreen's
Sinful Colors from Walgreen's

Glitter from Big Lots
Revlon-089-Sunshine Sparkles, 928-Silver Dollar, 340-Ocean, 210-Jelly

Got at The Dollar Tree

Got from Walmart
I hope that I was able to help other people that love to save some money. Let me know what you think.

Have a Great Day.

Toxic Manicure: Dahlia's are toxic for Dogs and Cats

Hello Tapoles,
   In Adventures in Stamping today, the theme is "Toxic or Poisonous". I decided to do a manicure for a plant or flower that was toxic for pets. I picked Dahlia's as my flower. It is toxic to dogs and cats. It causes mild gastrointestinal and mild dermatitis. The below pictures are several different types of Dahlia's.

We   I decided that my manicure base polish was going to be a yellow. I picked Sally Hansen Insta Dri-Chartreuse Chase. I love the hints of green in the yellow polish. 

   I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear-150-Sunkissed, Wet-n-Wild Shine-Red Red 414A, and Wet-n-Wild-Ebony Hates Chris C229c as my stamping polishes. I used several different stamping plates to complete this manicure. They are Mash 31(upset and frown faces), 36 (dog paws), 43 (upset bubbles) and BM 04 (cats). I used a stamping plate that was given to me by Candace Woods. I used it for the Dahlia's on my middle finger. I really don't know the name of the stamping plate all that it has on it is an "E".
    So if any of your pets ingest this flower, contact your local veterinarian or ASPCA Animal Poison Control at 1-888-426-4435.

Monday, September 3, 2012

World Cerebral Palsy Day September 04, 2012

   Today I decided after reading a post from a friend, Mrs. Judy Gilbert that I was going to complete a special manicure. Mrs. Judy has twin grandsons, Aidan and Cian. The twins were born June 24, 2009 and were premature. Aidan developed cerebral palsy due to scarring from a brain bleed along with his prematurity.

Mrs. Judy's grandbabies are so precious. I decided that since tomorrow is World Celebral Palsy Day 
(09/04/2012) that my manicure would be dedicated to Aidan.

Left hand

Right Hand

Right index finger

Left hand

Right Hand

This is Aiden with his contagious smile and him with his Grandmother Judy.

  I used several different stamping plates to complete this manicure. Starting on my left hand: :middle finger 
(BM321), ring finger (Cheeky XL C), and pinky (BM317). Right hand: middle finger (My Online Shop), ringer finger (BM 321), and pinky (Cheeky XL C). 
   I used the base polish of Sinful Colors, 101, Snow Me White and the stamping polish is Sinful Colors, 960, Envy.  I made the water decals of Aidan and Mrs. Judy on my thumbs along with his name. I copied the World Cerebral Palsy Day imagine from the website.

Please let me know what you think. Wear your green to show your support tomorrow.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

PCOS Awareness Mani for Awareness Month!

   Today's post is a special one, I am showing my support for PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  PCOS is when there is a hormone imbalance in a woman that interferes with ovulation.  Unfortunately there is no cure for PCOS, and many times a patient can be misdiagnosed.  Below are only a few symptoms of PCOS...

A change or irregularity in your menstral cycle
Development of male-like characteristics
Changes in your skin
Increase in weight
Problems breathing while asleep

This month is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome awareness. Let's all show our support by sporting your teal manicures.  

I put this on both of my thumbs.

   I used Everybody Loves Redmond as the base polish. To show that I love to support woman that have this syndrome. I used Sinful Colors, 950, Savage as my teal stamping polish. I used Ebony hates Chris as the black stamping polish. I used several different stamping plates to create this manicure: BM 321, BM09, Mash 38 and Cheeky C. The accent pinkie is used China Glaze, 883, Mrs. Claus.
   If you do not know about PCOS. Check out the following sites to learn more: