Saturday, November 3, 2012

Items made by a HomeBody!!!

Hello Tadpoles,
   I have not been completing manicures lately. I have been dealing with some stress in my life. I have come to realize that my Husband, or DH (dedicated Husband), has spoiled me so bad. That is a good and bad thing. Daniel has been a rock from the beginning of all of my medical issues. I have limited use of my left arm. I have developed extreme anxiety, sleeplessness, and an inability to be in a public. When I am in public, I have a hard time with not trusting people, ie. I get really scared that they are going to hit my arm again. 
   So I have become a homebody or I have to have someone with me at all times to "protect " me and my arm. Since April 2012, I have become a Nail Polish addict. No really, I just have found out that painting my nails and other things help relax me and I am happier. I love to share all my manicures and things that I make. I have become an Pinterest fan. I scroll through all the other beautiful things that other people have and share.
   Here are the latest things that I have completed and sent to members of nail polish groups.

This a bracelet that I made for a friend in a nail Polish group.

This a necklace that I made for clear baubles that I used nail polish and stamps.

These are bobby pins that I painted with different kinds of nail polish.

This is one of  my own nail polishes what I made. It is a blue glitter.

Another nail polish that I made. It is a purple glitter.

This are the samples of my first own nail polishes.

   I wanted to share what I do to help me relax. I have been diagnosed with a condition that is called " Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome", Anxiety, and Sleeplessness. So I am trying to share my life and things that I use to help me deal with life.
   If you have any questions or comments, Please just ask or comment. Have a great day.


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