Monday, September 3, 2012

World Cerebral Palsy Day September 04, 2012

   Today I decided after reading a post from a friend, Mrs. Judy Gilbert that I was going to complete a special manicure. Mrs. Judy has twin grandsons, Aidan and Cian. The twins were born June 24, 2009 and were premature. Aidan developed cerebral palsy due to scarring from a brain bleed along with his prematurity.

Mrs. Judy's grandbabies are so precious. I decided that since tomorrow is World Celebral Palsy Day 
(09/04/2012) that my manicure would be dedicated to Aidan.

Left hand

Right Hand

Right index finger

Left hand

Right Hand

This is Aiden with his contagious smile and him with his Grandmother Judy.

  I used several different stamping plates to complete this manicure. Starting on my left hand: :middle finger 
(BM321), ring finger (Cheeky XL C), and pinky (BM317). Right hand: middle finger (My Online Shop), ringer finger (BM 321), and pinky (Cheeky XL C). 
   I used the base polish of Sinful Colors, 101, Snow Me White and the stamping polish is Sinful Colors, 960, Envy.  I made the water decals of Aidan and Mrs. Judy on my thumbs along with his name. I copied the World Cerebral Palsy Day imagine from the website.

Please let me know what you think. Wear your green to show your support tomorrow.



  1. Very nice of you! Wonderful mani!! <3 I shared on my FB page.