Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Princess' Toadstools-My most embarrassing pedicure

   Well, I am sorry that I have not posted in several days. I was hitting the mushrooms...No really, I just have been doing alot around the house and dealing with medical issues. I will go into all that later.
   I am a member of the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge Group on Facebook. It is a group where there are Nail Art Challenges or Monkey See, Monkey Do Mondays (MSMD), where a person can create their favorite art from other bloggers. 
   The challenge for July 8, 2012, was the most embarrassing toes. At first I was like, are these people really ready to see my toes. I sat in my nail room figuring out how I could make this experience less dramatic as possible.
   I decided to just paint my nails a simple pink color that would not draw to much attention to my toes. I pick to use Sinful Colors-Dream On-113. So applied a simple topcoat and applied two coats of the Dream On. I did not like the simplicity of the nail polish. I choose to apply some white dots using the dot maker tool. After applying several dots and a top, I looked at my nails and was very impressed with the way that they looked. 

I know what you are thinking while looking at this picture. Her toes are weird looking. Well, You know what they are weird. I will tell you why they look weird. 
   When I was 6, the big toe on the right foot was ripped off while I was riding a big wheel down a hill without shoes..OUCH!! The left foot big toe was always getting ingrown so it was surgical removed. The second toes were damaged by smashing one with a weight and the other one got pulled out with I was getting into the tub. Weird accident with a towel. 
   You will notice that all the other nails are kept short. I don't like the way my toes feel in socks..I know I am total weird. 
   After posting my pictures of the pedicure, I was totally amazed by the support that I received from other members of the group. Emily Esqueleta Blasphemy and Dina Ramse, both stated that I was "Brave" for posting my pedicure. I don't think of myself as brave just a normal chick with toenail issues. Michelle Blaer and Claudia van Dijk, stated that they had the same small toenail issues. Ladies, "THANK YOU" for the positive words. I am glad that I was able to open the door to the weird toes ward. 
   For all the other people that are scared to "Rock" those small toes, toes that have no nails, or nails that grown upward and inward. JUST PAINT YOUR SKIN AND WEAR THEM PROUDLY. Sorry that this was long post. I just wanted to show my support.
   Keep the toadstools painted and bright. 


  1. Hun I'm so glad you posted yours as it gave me courage to post mine ;) You rock :D

    1. Thanks Claudia for the positive support. Glad that I could keep you out...

  2. Rock on girl!! Your toes are so beautiful- they inspire me to grow my own!God bless ur toadstool i hope you find God in your path in life to grant you new toes. happy easter :*