Sunday, July 15, 2012

Several Manicures

  I have been slacking on post my manicures. I have decided to just go ahead and post my pictures. I have been participating in Adventures in Stamping ( and The Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge (
Base- Sally Hansen-Insta-Dry-380-Night Flight
Stamp Polish- Spoiled Rotten-Point the Finger Metallic Gold and Silver-Claire's
Stamping Plate- BM 25-50, numerous used.

                                                  Base- Sally Hansen Extreme Wear-150-Sun Kissed
Stamp PolishSally Hansen-Insta-Dry-120-Whirlwind White and 10-Lightening
Dots-LA Colors-NP444-Treasure Island
Stamping Plate- BM 322

                                                Base- Sinful Colors-940-Rise and Shine
Stamp PolishSally Hansen-Insta-Dry-Quick Brick
Glitter Topcoat- LA Colors-NP441-Sassy Sparkle
Stamping Plate- BM 315

      BaseSally Hansen Hard as Nails-370- No Hard Feelings
Stamp Polish- Sinful Colors- 103-Black on Black
                                     Polish Filling DotsSpoiled Rotten-Point the Finger Metallic Maroon-Claire's
Stamping Plate- BM 221

BaseSinful Colors-949-Nirvana
Stamp Polish- Sinful Colors-112-Tokyo Pearl
Stamping Plate- BM 215

What is interesting that I can look back at my first stamping and I can see my improvement. I am too ashamed to post those pics...But you know what I might just post them. So that I  can show everyone that practice makes perfect or at least some what....

Quote of the day:
Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. 
Vince Lombardi 


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