Thursday, July 5, 2012

2 manicures made out of 1

Hello Tadpoles,
   This week,I completed a manicure for the weekly challenge in Adventures In Stamping. Since July 4th, was this week, the challenge was to complete a manicure showing our patriotic side. I completed my first manicure with the usual Red, White and Blue nail polish's. I incorporated stars and fireworks in by using stamps along with a star embellishment surrounded by dots. 

Both hands

Both thumbs were stamped with the stars. 

I decided to use a frog planter as a prop to take the picture of my thumbs. I loved the way that it turned out.
   I live on 40 acres in the country. I am a country girl at heart. I love to mow grass, grow a garden, and shot guns. I would rather wear jeans and a t-shirt instead of dressing up. So I can be classified as a "REDNECK". I decided that I was going to use the 4th of July manicure and turn it into a "Redneck 4th of July" manicure.
   I have learned how to make water decals by watching several YouTube videos. I have not developed a knack for freehand drawing items on my nails. So by using the water decals my options were unlimited. I picked several clipart pictures that reminded me of "Redneck" people doing during the 4th of July.I painted a wide strip of WnW white polish down the middle for the water decals to be applied.

Both thumb (right-redneck inside to United States)

Top hand (farmer taking pig to BBQ, star, guy diving, pink finger)Bottom hand (Big Redneck with his belly pierced, guy on motorcycle with out a shirt, peace signs, and the Red Solo cup).

   The star, flower and peace signs were stickers. I made three other designs but they did not fit on my nails. I laugh at these pictures because people that I showed the manicure knew actually what each decal was and what it represented.
   I know that the word "Redneck" means different things to different people. For me, it means just a bunch of people that live in the country with no care in the world enjoying life. My dad has always told me that is why are live in the country, "So he could walk out on his front porch and pee and not have to worry about hitting the neighbors. 
   I hope that you enjoy the manicures as much as I enjoyed creating them. Have a great day and don't lick the toads.....



  1. That is cute, thanks for the close up photos! We usually call people who live in the country "bumpkins" and the people who blow their arms off holding roman candles "rednecks" haha. My mom's family is from Kentucky so they call themselves hillbillies or hilljacks. I never call them that! I think it is wonderful when people find where they belong. If you aren't hurting anyone else and you love your life, what is wrong with that? :)

    Happy blogging!

  2. very cute the mani....I live in a very small country type town and love it!!!

  3. Nat, I lived in WV for several years during college and we called those far out there people "bumpkins" and I call a person that blew off their arm holding roman candles as " DUMBIES" and armless...LOL...Thanks for leaving me a comment.

    Jackie thanks for both the compliments..

  4. Very cute! Glad you got your blog up and running :-)