Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Chevrons...Stop the heat...

OMG!! Send me some ice. I thought that I was next to the equator today. It was hot as all get out today. The humidity is what is kill us in South Carolina. It is so bad that when you walk out the house it takes your breathe away...Hopefully the temps will change lower this weekend.
   The challenge on Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge was Summer Chevron. I attempted to use the tape method but that was a total fail. Thank Goodness that I had just went to Sally's and bought a large bottle of remover. 
   My husband, Daniel, came into the room where I was working. He started looking at my stamps. He posed a good question to me, "Why do you have to do what the normal chevron is?" I went through all the stamp plate that I had and this stamp jump (lol) out at me. I picked summer colors to use on the stamp.

    I love the way that the stamp colors work well with the purple base coat. 
  July 8th challenge is Toe's....Yuck. That is going to make everyone jump when I post those pictures...
  I have a question for everyone. What do you listen to while you are doing your nails? What helps you relax?

Have a hopping great weekend...