Friday, August 3, 2012

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, CRPS

Hello Tadpoles,
    I have a disorder or syndrome that is called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS. In 2008, I was working as a Certified Nurse Assistant when a 400 lb resident fell back in her bed pulling my left arm with her. I had to have 3 shoulder surgeries over a 9 month period. I have had numerous, X-rays, MRI's, Thoraic Outlet test, Nerve Studies, and CT scans. This drove me crazy....
   I developed extreme pain in my left shoulder, arm and hand. I do not have total function of my left hand along with numbness and tingling. My bicep swells to the size of a football and is extremely painful to touch or use. I deal with the pain daily. At one time, I was on some powerful narcotics, Opana, to relieve my pain. I do not remember 2 years of my life due to the medications
   I went into a severe depressive state because the Doctors told me that I would not be able to use that arm properly again. I was going back to college to get my Nursing Degree. That dream was crushed because I could not lift patients or complete my clinics. I developed severe anxiety due to being scared that people would hit my shoulder causing me to have to endure extreme pain. I have missed out on alot of things because I am to afraid to get hurt again.
   I got married on April 17, 2010. We went on a cruise in November. I was not able to fun because I was scared and under the influence of the medications. I felt bad because I did not send alot of time with my husband. So that added more stress on me.
    I finally was able to find a Pain Management Doctor who was able to give a name to what was wrong with me. She stated that I had Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome...What is that? That is what I said too. I had to go to the Internet and do some research. There is alot of different beliefs on causes for this syndrome. I was at a loss trying to let it all sink in.
   I will list all the symptoms and and treatments in the near future....Have a Great Day...


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  1. Most people don't understand much about CRPS. Sharing your story will certainly help them gain some insight into what you're going through and the depth of pain involved.
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