Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nail Wheels with Help

Hello Tadpoles,
   I was going though Pinterest again and found another awesome idea. I wish that I thought of this. Once again, I tweaked it some to help me out. 
   Kayla at Nails of Kayla Shevonne came up with drilling holes in here nail wheels so that she could use a metal rings to attach them.

I attempted to connect my nail wheels with the same metal rings. After sitting in the Nail room, my husband and I came up with using Floral Wire. I found several different colors of the Floral Wire the Dollar Tree. 

I decided to use the red Floral wire first. I put together all of my different polishes. I used wire cutters to manipulate the wire so that I could continue to use the wire when I add more polish wheels. Once they all were connected with the floral wire, I hung them on the side of my bookshelves. I attached some Command hooks and printed off the name of each brand of Nail Polish.

   I hope that you enjoy these ideas. I am learning more ideas that I will share with everyone. Let me know what you think.
   Love, Chrisie

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