Sunday, August 26, 2012

Look what I got from Canada!!!!

Hello Tadpoles,
   I am so excited to share the beautiful gifts that I received from my friend, Candace. Candace has her own blog at I met Candace through a Facebook group that was called Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge. It has been changed to Crumpet's Nail Tarts that is about nail polish and nail stamping. 
   Candace and I connected quickly over nail designs. We also were able to relate in another area of our lives that most people do not share. We both suffer from anxiety and depression. For the both of us, having a friend that can understand and relate makes it easy to befriend them. We both have different causes for our anxiety and depression. Mine was having to deal with the loss of my left arm caused by an injury. I will let Candace explain her anxiety and depression at her blog,
   Well, Thursday, I was chatting with Candace on Facebook and she was like a kid that had a big secret to tell me. She made me laugh because she asked if I had checked my mail box lately. I said "No", she was like "OK". I asked her why. She was like if I did or did not send you anything then don't mind the sales sticker...Again, I just laughed..
   I had sent her some card making supplies due to having to leaving them when she moved. I knew that she had been having a rough couple of months so I thought that I would send her some stuff to help put a "SMILE" on her face. I did not expect to receive any stuff in return. But she sent me some of the coolest stuff. Check it all out....

   I "LOVE" this the most. She draw and used colored pencils to make the design. Please excuse the crocked picture. I couldn't get the picture to stand up. This is the coolest thing. I plan on getting a frame for it. I will post pictures with it in a frame. She sent me some cool nail decal stuff too...

   After all these items, I was like shaking my head. Then I found this at the back ..

   I was so happy and had a big "SMILE" on my face. I am so eager to use the stamping plate. I love using large imagines on my nails since I have wide thumbs and fingers. It sucks that I only have 10 fingers...LOL..I know that Candace wants me to go crazy a little more...There seems to be a long list of instructions with the Minx stickers...I love her for it all. However, she did not have to send me anything. I sent her stuff just because she is my friend and I did not like that she was unhappy.
   I will post pictures on my manicures with all these beautiful items that "Canadian Candace" sent me. I am so glad that we are friends.
   Thanks everyone for reading...Have you made friends with someone through a facebook or blog? If so, feel free to share.
   XOXOXO, Chrisie


  1. I have met some amazing people through blogs and love the gifts and how awesome to meet someone you can really connect with :)

    1. I am meeting alot of different people through my blogs. I am glad that we too have met. Thank for reading about Candace..

  2. WOW!!! That's Great you two clicked from the get go. A precious friendship. :)

    1. I am glad that we have become friend as well. Thanks for all your support.